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So you want to buy a house? How much have you saved for a deposit?

Generally speaking the first thing a bank or lender will want to know when you’re applying for a home loan is how much you are contributing yourself as a deposit.


Whilst there are lenders who will let you contribute as little as 5% deposit towards a house purchase the low equity premium charges vary significantly from lender to lender so you need to be careful – this is why you need to be using the services of an experienced mortgage broker.

With our expertise we can save you literally thousands of dollars in upfront costs just by having you with the right lender for a home loan to begin with!

Taking on a mortgage is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever make in your lifetime and for that reason making sure you are able to afford the repayments long term is crucial when determining how much you want to borrow. Have a strategy in place to repay the mortgage as quickly as possible will save you thousands of dollars in interest costs and enable you to become mortgage free sooner rather than later.


Contact us today and we can quickly tell you how much you can borrow with the banks as a home loan.


Want to find out what you can afford? Try this mortgage loan calculator now.


Rule Financial Services Limited was founded on the principal that we always want our customers to receive “impartial” insurance advice. We have agreements in place with many of the biggest insurance providers in New Zealand. This gives you real choice when deciding on an insurance solution for you. If you already have an Insurance broker or agent you might want to check to see if they are truly giving you the best solution to your requirements based on premium and product features available in the market.

We can refer you to an experienced insurance adviser who is able to review your cover requirements for a home loan and make a recommendation for cover based on your budget.

With state of the art Insurance software our insurance adviser can quickly show you a comparison of multiple insurers in the market so that you have all the options available to you when making a decision about which insurer is right for you. Applying for insurance online also means that you have no awful 25 page insurance application to complete by hand. It couldn’t be easier!

Contact us today and let us review your insurance for you. It’s very likely we will be able to save you money on your insurance premiums and provide you with better cover to what you already have.